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Subject: some things never change
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zenarchy 15.04.14 - 10:01pm
the promise of empty promise. potential.
challenging the move to move me,
will the move in be moving?
i doubt it.
i remember when people wanted me...
... for things i could never hope to fulfill,
but still... *

darkseth 1.05.14 - 09:47am
Hahaha nice one, I'm moving today as well, let's see if there are different moods to our moves *

lucretia 1.05.14 - 02:23pm
wow, heheeee! ..i arrived online by some method of beginning to do some tidying in my room (there's not too much to be done, but aannyyyway..!). as the jet lag confusion wore off i found myself smiling and giggling, quietly thinking the phrase that is this title. imagine when i saw it here! . ps- sorry i can't send any baked yummies through the screen, these keyboards can only convey so much :p *

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