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Subject: E. & CC
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nefi19 27.08.13 - 08:45pm
we went to see the music
her words were loud and
I said
she said
doe deer
never happened
but that was then

an hour later
lost in their limbs
playing games
our games
were yellow
I remember them
thats how I
that day
she kissed my cheek
caught me by

her eyes were all over
all under
deep in me
I drowned them
in me
maybe she even held
my hand
right after that,
right after my lunch died
between my legs


vampboy 30.08.13 - 12:16am
hmm... so lovely and mesmerizing, been a while since I came in here, and then I saw your work. (: *

nefi19 30.08.13 - 05:59pm
glad you liked it and thanks! *

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