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ladyfluf 20.03.13 - 05:13pm
I take a breath of darkness
Really wish to bleed
Need to taste some freedom
To rise up from my knees.
Get away into the midnight
Out where the lifeless shed new blood
More flames than in the outside
Only want to drown the flood.

Teasing back the secrets
I lift my head and scream
Wonder where we all return
What things are when they seem...?
The sable secret calls us with
Words lost through bloodless lips
Will crimson ever halt its flight?
Turn back if someone trips?

Out into the inside
Like I forgot the tang
I need to take control again
Else live life beside the fang?
Ever tasting their soft freedom
Have a care, give me a life!
A simple drop of scarlet blood
Clue clove without the knife.

See closer than through the crystal pane
That's where their breath frosts mist
Just beyond the endlessness
The sweet fire our fangs have kissed.
Way down above the flame ways
I dance and shriek and sing
Write words with neither ink nor soul
Works for what the dark should bring.

Best forgot dreaming of reality
For the blood to awake my heart
Me here lying in the ice realms sighs
Anyway I paid my part.
Why do you fear the dark's embrace?
Are you in love with scarlet red?
You don't realise I'm longing for her touch again
Interpreting is hard when you're half-dead.

This world will weep no crimson so
Do you crave the scent of dusk?
You need to stand above the sunset
Search bold between the bloodless husk.
For I need to stand and beat again
Hidden mazes droplets need
Messages scented in the depth of freedom but
Too cold to wait and bleed. *

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