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Subject: Eternal Melancholy
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vampboy 9.02.13 - 01:26am
Cries of help echo across the narrow hillside into the uncanny sepulchral night

As cold harsh winds of winter blow viciously against my withering soul

Raindrops begin pouring rapidly upon me while the dark clouds obstruct Moonlight

Completely hopeless I stare up at the skies and cry a desperate lamentation

No one notices my agony, darkness engulfs me slowly towards complete devastation

The Empty space within my broken spirit is filled with Chaotic bitterness and despair

Left to die in these lonely frigid woods Wholly nude with suffering beyond repair

wistfully longing for death to descend from the skies and end this anguish and pain

Craving for the slightest relentment, I abruptly start having vivid hallucinations

In a room crowded with joyous people Where there is no winter and the sky clear of rain

The sun shines brightly and on their faces were smiles of hope and peace

Yet still I find myself alienated and isolated Alas! they view my entire existence as unholy

Unsure of what is reality, driven away from society, realization came across my deranged mind, I am condemned with this Eternal Melancholy


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