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Subject: you were my everything
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00she21 4.10.12 - 12:16am
How do I move forward with my life when you were my life.Give me the strenght that was you.I gave you me carried my heart on my slieve for you.Changed,gave up so much of me for you.After giving and you taking so much from me I find myself still thinking of you and what was US.Now here alone with only memories of you I have no regrets.
I'm writing my life story and at the end of each day,week ,month,year I begin and close a new chapter.So I will get over you.When pain covers love its time to leave,so go! *

rainbowb 22.06.15 - 08:36am
I thought wen i1st met u that we were meant2bI gave u am all but that was'nt enough u were neva there4meThe beatings bruises r gone but your cruel words neva eva go awayI'm on a downword spiral rock bottom is gettin nearer every single day *

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